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The Step-By-Step Guide To Leveraging Pinterest To Increase Your Traffic, Subscribers, and Income

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blog but don’t have a million hours to spend trying to get traffic?

I'm a busy mama too and time is my most valuable resource.

And Pinterest is hands down the most effective way to drive traffic to your site.

Now that you have all this Pinterest traffic coming in the money is just supposed to start flowing, right? Most often this is not the case.

That is how this course is different.

I'll teach you how to drive the traffic, but that is just the beginning. I will also show you how to harness that power to turn viewers into buyers.

  • Churning out great content but no one even knows you exist? You are hustling your booty off with little results. You are constantly pumping out high quality content and posting all over social media but somehow when you check your analytics you only have a handful of views.

  • You're pouring hours into your blog and you haven’t made a dime. Your blog or online business is starting to feel like a full-time job, except you don’t get a paycheck at the end of the month.

  • You are ready to throw in the towel. All the commitment, time and research you have put into your business is starting to feel pointless. You may think to yourself there is just too much competition and you won’t be able to stand out.

  • Are you tired of trudging off to a job you hate and having to leave your little ones? Do you dream of waking up in the morning and getting to snuggle them in bed instead of rushing off to your 9 to 5?


  • Skyrocket your traffic in one hour a week. Each day reel in new viewers who love what you have to say and turn into loyal fans.

  • Make a steady stream of income from your business each month by leveraging your traffic to build an online business.

  • Re-direct your time towards producing new content, developing new products and engaging with your flourishing audience.

This can be your reality if you strategically implement Pinterest into your business.


Pin to Profits is my step-by-step guide to using Pinterest strategically to grow your blog or business.

These are the same systems that I use to generate the traffic and sales that help my blog consistently bring in...

I have spent the last three years refining these processes as I have built my own blog and helped bloggers and small business owners just like you.

"Within 48 hours of changing up my Pinterest strategy I had a sale and traffic to my shop increased by 80-90%..."

When starting up my Etsy shop I really didn't know how I was going to drive traffic to my page but then McKinzie sat down with me one day and taught me so much about Pinterest!

Within 48 hours of changing up my Pinterest strategy I had a sale and traffic to my shop increased by 80-90%!

I would not have the traffic or sales on my shop if it weren't for her. She is so kind and generous and you can tell she really loves teaching people about this stuff. I really want to learn more from her and can't wait to see what other courses she has to offer.

Jessica, Shades of Blue Design

I'm glad you asked!

I'll let you in on a little secret, this isn't really one course... it is FIVE courses.

Pinterest is such a huge topic and so many other courses out there are missing some of the most important pieces.

When you buy Pin to Profits you get five complete Pinterest courses the dive deep on topics crucial to your success on the platform.

Want to see what is included in each of the courses?

Keep reading!

In this course you will master the fundamentals of Pinterest. With over 20 video tutorials, lesson, and worksheets you will learn,

  • Benefits Of Pinterest Business Accounts

  • How to Create A New Business Account

  • How to Convert A Personal Account To A Business Account

  • Pinterest Analytics
  • What Are Rich Pins?

  • How to Setup Rich Pins On WordPress

  • How to Setup Rich Pins on SquareSpace
  • How To Setup Your Bio

  • How To Verify Your WordPress Site On Pinterest
  • All About The Boards

  • Boards Worksheet
  • The Anatomy Of A Pin

  • How To Write Powerful Pin Descriptions

  • The Best Graphic Formats For Pinterest

  • PicMonkey Graphic Design Tutorial

  • Canva Graphic Design Tutorial

  • Canva Cheatsheet

  • Branding Reference Sheet
  • What & When To Pin

  • What To Add To Your Pins To Increase Your Clickthrough Rate

  • How To Find Group Boards

  • Group Board Application Swipe Copy

  • Group Boards Worksheet

  • Google Analytics Traffic Reports You Need To Watch

Group Boards Spreadsheet ($50 value)

Hit the ground running with access to this group boards spreadsheet with 150 active group boards!

Group boards play a key role in your success on Pinterest so this spreadsheet broken down by niche will help you quickly identify boards to join.

20 Styled Stock Photos ($50 value)

Use these images to create beautiful Pinterest graphics!

"The group board spreadsheet you’ve given is absolute gold! It’s the most extensive one I’ve ever seen..."

McKinzie, your course doesn’t leave anything out! It covers the basics from getting your account set-up and having your site Pinterest ready right up to having a pinning strategy.

The group board spreadsheet you’ve given is absolute gold! It’s the most extensive one I’ve ever seen.

I also love your take on Pinterest graphics that stand out in the Pinterest feed. As someone looking to change things up with my graphics, this was very helpful! I loved the course and it’ll help anyone who wants to add Pinterest to their marketing mix.”

Meera, meerakothand.com

This course unveils my systems for scheduling my pins via the Pinterest approved scheduling tool Tailwind.

Watch over my shoulder in five video lessons as I walk you through exactly how to set up your systems so you can schedule your pins quickly and effectively!

Pinterest is the perfect platform for affiliate marketing because of the viral potential. When you effectively tap into the millions of Pinterest users to share your affiliate link your income potential can scale exponentially!

In this course you will learn my exact strategy that I use to make affiliate sales on Pinterest every day.

  • Affiliate Marketing Foundations

  • Using Affiliate Links On Pinterest

  • Affiliate Tracking Spreadsheet
  • How To Setup Your Boards To Showcase Your Affiliate Pins

  • The #1 Board You Need To Make More Affiliate Sales

  • How To Create A Balanced Profile

  • How People Can Find Your Affiliate Pins Even If You Don't Have Many Followers

  • How To Create Powerful Pin Descriptions
  • How To Brand Your Pins To Have A Cohesive Theme

  • How To Create Beautiful Pins With Viral Potential

  • Design Tricks To Increase Your Clickthroughs
  • Affiliate Networks To Join

  • Product & Affiliate Company Suggestions

  • How To Add An Affiliate Link On Pinterest

  • How To Repin Your Affiliate Links On Pinterest On Autopilot

  • How To Find Group Boards You Can Pin Your Affiliate Links To

  • Workaround To Get Approved For Affiliate Programs Even If You Aren't A Blogger

  • Which Blog Post Do Well For Affiliate Commissions & On Pinterest

  • How To Create Pretty Links In WordPress

  • How To Create Pretty Links In SquareSpace

  • The #1 Income Earning Page On Your Blog

Eight Customizable Canva Templates ($30 value)

Design pins a lightning speed with these gorgeous done-for-you Canva templates.

"It has been a life saver, I am so thankful! My graphics look stunning."

I have 14 blog posts that I am creating images for and thanks to the templates, it literally takes me no time since I have added my brand colors and fonts.

Thank you so much!

I can't wait to share some of the graphics I created with you.

It has been a life saver, I am so thankful! My graphics look stunning.

Whitney, WhitneyOdolo.com

"I've been making money online for years and I still learned new things in McKinzie's course."

If you're not using Pinterest for affiliate marketing, you're leaving money on the table! Pin to Profits shows you exactly what you need to get started today, even if you're new to affiliate marketing.

I've been making money online for years and I still learned new things in McKinzie's course. You will too!

Hahna, Invent With Code

"I've been pinning for a long time and most of the lessons were things I've never even thought of before."

Pin to Profits is such an amazing and valuable tool for bloggers and non-bloggers alike.

The course offers so much information on monetizing Pinterest. I've been pinning for a long time and most of the lessons were things I've never even thought of before.

Take the Pin to Profits course--you won't regret it!

Beth, That One Mom

Did you know that most people that visit your website will never come back? It sounds discouraging, huh? But there is an awesome way to combat this...by getting them on your email list!

Pinterest is amazing at sending a flood of traffic, but you want to make sure that you are getting that persons email so you can contact them and turn them from casual browser into a loyal fan!

This course will show you how to create irresistible opt-ins, set up high converting landing pages and turn your readers into customers.

  • How To Come Up With Awesome Opt-in Ideas Your Audience Will Love

  • How To Create An Opt-in In Google Slides

  • How To Create An Opt-in In Canva

  • Where To Have Opt-in Forms On Your Site

  • Enticing Opt-In Offers Reference Guide
  • Landing Page Builder Comparison Sheet

  • Elements Of A Successful Landing Page

  • How To Create A Landing Page On WordPress

  • How To Create A Landing Page On SquareSpace

  • How To Create A Landing Page With MailChimp

  • How To Create A Landing Page With ConvertKit
  • Introduction To Sales Funnels

  • Email Service Provider Comparison Sheet

  • How To Deliver Your Opt-in & Setup Your Funnel With MailChimp

  • How To Deliver Your Opt-in & Setup Your Funnel With ConvertKit

  • How To Use ConvertKit Rules To Increase Conversions
  • How To Use A Targeted Opt-in Funnel

  • How To Create A Profitable Email Course Funnel

  • How To Setup A Tripwire Product To Increase Your Income

  • How to Create Urgency For Your Offer And Increase Conversions

  • How To Setup A Deadline Funnel

Canva & Google Slides Opt-in Templates

  • Lesson: How To Make Your PDFs Fillable For Free!

  • Pinterest Primer Email Course Sequence

  • Moms Make Cents Email Welcome Sequence

"Within just days of going through the course, I noticed my Pinterest traffic and email subscribers skyrocket!"

I had Pin to Profits on my course wish list for a while after taking the free Pinterest Primer course, and it did not disappoint! Within just days of going through the course, I noticed my Pinterest traffic and email subscribers skyrocket!

And within a month, I gained almost 200 email subscribers and earned my first few dollars by applying the affiliate strategies outlined in the course. Love Pin to Profits!


Angela, Natural Born Mommy

Once you've mastered the organic traffic that Pinterest can bring your site dive into the power of paid advertising with Promoted Pins!

I've developed a Promoted Pins strategy that brings me more targeted leads and sales. With my system I've been able to run ads that generate 1000% return on investment (ROI) and get clicks to my site for as low as $.04 cost per click (CPC).

  • Types Of Promoted Pins Campaigns

  • Five Ways To Use Promoted Pins

  • How To Find Keywords For Your Campaign

  • How To Use Google Keyword Planner To Find Even More Keywords
  • How To Set Your Budget & Cost Per Click

  • Low Budget Method - Perfect For Beginners
  • How To Setup A Custom Audience That Has Already Viewed Your Blog Post

  • How To Target Users Already On Your Email List

  • How To Find Thousands Of Pinners That Are Similar To Your Existing Customers
  • Pinterest's Rules & Guidelines For Advertising

  • How To Setup A Keyword Based Campaign

  • Walkthrough Of Creating Your First Ad

  • How To Split Test Your Ads For Higher Profits
  • What Is The Promoted Pins Conversion Pixel

  • How To Install The Promoted Pins Conversion Pixel

  • How To Setup Your Event Codes

  • How To Track Email Opt-ins

  • Interpreting Your Results
  • Inside Look At My List Building Campaign & Funnel

  • Walkthrough Of An Affiliate Marketing Campaign

  • How To Create A Retargeting Campaign

"I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to increase their traffic with Pinterest..."

I was so excited to see that McKinzie offered an in-depth course on Pinterest! I have been wanting to use Pinterest as a growth strategy but wasn't sure where to start. I found the video tutorials very helpful, as she walks you through the pin scheduling process step by step.

I learned something new in every module, and the bonuses are awesome! I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to increase their traffic with Pinterest!

Christina, Heart, Home & Travel

"The nuts and bolts of Pinterest started to unfold before my very eyes..."

After launching my blog in May, I quickly realized that Pinterest is a solid way to increase traffic and revenue. After doing some investigating, I found McKinzie's course Pin to Profits.

I signed up and instantly starting learning. The nuts and bolts of Pinterest started to unfold before my very eyes! Her easy how-to videos, checklists, and easy to read guides are so well done. Thank you, McKinzie!

Tori, The Gal Nextdoor

Let me take you back to where I was when I started my first blog in 2012.

I remember when I pinned my first image. I pinned it once and crossed my fingers hoping the traffic would come flooding my way.

Guess what? It didn’t.

I was cranking out three posts a week. I thought...

Finally, after a few exhausting months of blog buttons, link parties and no results I shamefully hung my head and gave up.

I wondered what I did wrong and how all these other bloggers could be so successful. I dismissed it and figured I’d already missed the blogging boat.

Flash forward five years with two more blogs under my belt + three years of professionally managing Pinterest accounts and here we are.

"My first month following her Pinterest advice I boosted my impressions by 1630%..."

I have been a raving fan of McKinzie since before her site even launched. But her new Pinterest course is a game changer. I had no idea there were different kinds of rich pins! And her bonuses are awesome. She walks you through the course step-by-step and provides detailed instructions and video.

My first month following her Pinterest advice I boosted my impressions by 1630%!

I could not ask for a better coach than McKinzie. She is totally down-to-earth and the sweetest woman I have met online.

Amanda, Mommy Imagines

Most people are using it the wrong way.

Many think that Pinterest is for exploring new recipes and pinning ideas for your child’s second birthday, which is great for personal use, but that is not how you use Pinterest to grow your business.

Pinterest for business takes careful crafting of pins, boards, and scheduling.

That is exactly what I am going to teach you how to implement in your business.

...one of the most underutilized marketing tools on the planet.

The amount of traffic you can generate is mind boggling. No matter what niche you are in it can provide results if you apply proper strategy.

Once you begin using the systems in Pin to Profits it will completely transform your online business.

You will have more traffic, subscribers, & income.

Beginner Bloggers:
This course is created for any blogger to be able to increase traffic to their site. If you are just starting out I’ve created easy to follow tutorials to get your started stress free.

Intermediate Bloggers: These concepts in this course apply to blogs both big and small. If you have already mastered the fundamentals of Pinterest, courses 2-5 will be especially helpful to you.

Busy Boss Babes: You’ve got a career, a family and well, a life and want to focus more on them. Pin to Profits teaches you how to pin on autopilot and scale your income so you can rapidly grow your business without sacrificing your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Although this course does not guarantee success, I'm so confident with these strategies that I invite you to take 30 days to test the material risk-free. If after implementing all the lessons in the course you do not see an increase in your traffic you may request a full refund. Simply provide me with a copy of your completed worksheets, sample screenshots of before and after of your Pinterest boards, Pins, as well as analytics from Pinterest and Google Analytics within 30 days and I will happily provide you with a refund.
Do I really have time to implement Pinterest?
Yes! With my strategies you can create a Pinterest strategy that will take only one hour a week! Some months I spend even less than that and my following and traffic continues to grow. Pinterest is by far the most time efficient strategy you can use to grow your blog.

Your Instructor

McKinzie Bean
McKinzie Bean

Hey there! I’m McKinzie. I am a Pinterest strategist, chocolate lover and the mommy blogger behind Moms Make Cents. On my site I teach women to build successful online blogs and businesses.

I have an analytical mind and I love testing new theories to develop better processes for my businesses and students. By carefully crafting my Pinterest strategies I've been able to launch five different profitable businesses as well as help thousands of others build their businesses with Pinterest.

Get started now!