Mom Blogging Mentor

The ultimate guide to starting a successful blog

Do you spend countless hours pouring your heart into making all the pieces work, but you feel like you’re spinning your wheels?

Despite all the time and effort, you feel like there’s a piece (or 10) missing in the puzzle to getting your blog on track? had an easy to follow plan to create a successful blog to help you achieve your dream of working from home to spend more time with your children.

How awesome would that be?!

With Mom Blog Mentor, you will have a complete step-by-step roadmap to take you from struggling novice to confident mommy blogger with unlimited earning potential!


Over 170 pages jam-packed with blogging information, strategies, guides and worksheets like,

  • Choose Your Niche Worksheet
  • Site Customization Tutorial
  • Branding Tutorial
  • Mood Board Template
  • Content Creation Tutorial
  • Blog Post Checklist
  • Email List Tutorial
  • How To Make Money Blogging
  • And so much more!

I've been blogging since 2012 and have been in love with it ever since.

I started Moms Make Cents in 2016 to help teach moms how to build profitable blogs and businesses so they could have the freedom to stay home with their kiddos.

I have a unique perspective because I've worked on both sides of the blogging sphere. I've had multiple blogs, and I've also worked as a brand manager coordinating collaborations with bloggers and influencers.

The step-by-step lessons in this book & course are a culmination of everything I’ve learned over the last six years and what I wish I had when I was starting out.

"I would highly recommend this to anyone hoping to start up a new blog..."

I started my blog a little under a year ago and I cannot believe how much this has helped me! There were so many more things I learned that I never even realized I could be doing to help my blog gain even more viewership and subscribers!!

McKinzie does an excellent job taking you through everything from helping you set up your blog from scratch to showing you how you can generate an income using your blog. The visuals she uses throughout make everything really easy to understand and follow. I can't wait to implement everything I learned.

I would highly recommend this to anyone hoping to start up a new blog or anyone wanting to help improve the growth and success of an existing blog as well!

- Lindsay Roggenbuck,

If you’re ready to master everything from,

  • defining your niche
  • starting a blog
  • creating compelling content your audience won’t be able to resist
  • and marketing techniques to drive traffic to your blog to make sales than Mom Blogging Mentor is for you!

Tap in to all the blogging knowledge and secrets I’ve gathered over the past 6 years.

Does the technical side of blogging make you cringe and hold you back?

No problem!

You'll find this ebook jam-packed with photos and helpful tips to getting your blog launch-ready!

When you are a visual leaner, it is so much easier to watch a video and follow along click-by-click.

In addition to the book I've created an eight module course that goes in-depth with video lessons and step-by-step tutorials to remove all of the uncertainty when starting your blog.

  • Weekly & Quarterly Planners

  • Yearly Goal Tracking Spreadsheet

  • How To Set Up Your Webhost

  • Understanding The WordPress Dashboard

  • Customizing Your WordPress Menu

  • How To Edit Your Sidebar

  • How To Install A Theme

  • Installing & Customizing Everly Theme

  • How To Use The Divi Theme
  • How To Install A Plugin

  • Best Premium Plugins

  • Plugins Checklist

  • How To Outline Your Post

  • Blog Post Content Planner

  • Three More Ways To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

  • My #1 Trick For Writer's Block
  • Best Places For Free Stock Photos

  • Canva Cheatsheet

  • Canva Graphic Tutorial

  • PicMonkey Graphic Tutorial

  • How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic

  • Blogging Facebook Groups Promo List

  • 587 Pinterest Group Boards Spreadsheet

  • Social Media Promotion Cheatsheet

  • What Is An Email List & Why You Need One

  • Email Service Provider Comparison Sheet

  • How To Create An Opt-in To Build Your List

  • How To Deliver Your Freebie + Set Up A Sequence

  • How To Use ConvertKit Rules To Increase Conversions

  • Affiliate Marketing Foundations

  • Affiliate Networks For Beginners

  • Affiliate Product Ideas

  • The Highest Income Producing Blog Posts

  • Income Tracking Spreadsheet + Tutorial

  • How To Make Money With Sponsored Posts
  • How To Make Fillable PDFs

  • How To Create A Survey/Form For Free

  • How To Add More White Space To Images

  • Three Ways To Add A Drop Shadow To Your Images

  • How To Find & Edit Professional Icons For Cheap

  • How To Install A Favicon

Pinterest Group Boards List (Over 500 Boards!)

Generate blog traffic quickly by joining group boards in your niche!

Blog Comment List

150 high-quality blogs you can comment on broken down by niche to improve brand recognition and foster relationships.

Guest Post List

200+ sites that accept guest posts to expand your audience and increase your SEO

Fifty Beautiful Stock Photos

Add style and professionalism to your new blog with these professional stock photos

“Is this course for me?”

“Will utilizing this course guarantee my blog will be successful?”

or “How will I know if this will work for me?

Those are all reasonable questions you should be asking! It shows that you take your investments and yourself seriously. It also tells me you are dedicated to your passion for blogging.

You. Are. Committed!

Treating your blog like a business is one of the first steps in reaching your financial dreams. Success isn’t going to come overnight. It takes determination and hard work that you know all too well as busy momma.

But what if you can work smarter not harder?

With the experience and resources from someone who has been in your shoes to propel you toward your goals for a successful, money-making blog.

There’s no guarantees in life. But one thing I know is that deep-down, you are a risk-taker!

You wouldn’t be contemplating a starting a blog, let alone a business, all while juggling family life, and the endless to-do lists that goes with it.

You know how to prioritize, how to make the most of your time, and get the most bang for your buck!

If you employ the tools laid out in this book and course, you will be armed to knock your blog out of the park!

"This will literally launch a new blogger YEARS ahead of the curve..."

I SO wish I had The Mom Blog Mentor when I was first starting out my blog, and will be sharing this with every new mommy blogger I meet!

Beyond that, even as an experienced blogger, I took away SO many actionable strategies and ideas that I never thought to do! McKinzie has taken out hours upon hours of time a new mom blogger would have to spend figuring everything out on her own, and synthesized it into an easy to understand and implement guide.

This will literally launch a new blogger YEARS ahead of the curve, and help her to start getting those page view and dollars rolling in!

- Ashley Samadani,

"This answered the questions I've had for so long..."

This is so helpful for the beginner blogger! McKinzie is very thorough and goes into the details that I would have overlooked, had I started a blog on my own.

What I learned from this course has answered the questions I've had for so long, that have held me back from taking the plunge and starting my blog. Thank you!

- Aubree Cortez

"This is an all-inclusive, one-stop-shop with everything you need for your new blog!"

This is an all-inclusive, one-stop-shop with everything you need for your new blog! McKinzie provides clear steps, definitions of confusing terms, tons of tips, and helpful worksheets and organizers. Starting a new blog is an exciting but daunting task.

This helped me with every step of starting my blog - from brainstorming to publishing to promoting. Get the best possible start to your blogging journey with Mom Blogging Mentor!

- Danielle Lanigan,

Get started now!